Student Work


3-D Design

Texture Transformation

Students were required to change the skin of a found object with another material that called into question the original function of the object.


Soft Sculpture

Students were tasked with recreating a mechanical object into a soft sculpture at least three feet long in one direction.


Wood Project

Students must take a common board, cut and laminate it into a cube, then make six cuts on the bandsaw and reassemble those pieces into a sculpture.


Memory Shadow Box

One of the first projects of the semester is to create a shadow box from wood. Students must recreate the feeling of a specific memory using any material inside the box.

Masking Tape Shoe

Students were tasked with recreating one of their shoes out of masking tape. Every detail had to be duplicated, paying close attention to texture and proportion.


Introduction to Sculpture


Inspired by Picasso’s sculptures depicting the bull, students picked a personally significant animal and recreated it using unaltered found objects.



Using only 2x4’s, students were tasked with creating an unstable sculpture out of a material that normally represents stability. Students had the option to introduce one additional material as long as it was not any type of nail or screw.



Using simple silicone molds, students are asked to create a collection and a means for its display.